As shown in how to avoid hoaxes in science, academic Machiavellism makes the official "scientific community" fail to follow the scientific method. And since fighting for financial funds is one of the major causes of academic Machiavellism, it is important for science to make the experiments cheaper, which also brings the advantage of allowing anybody to afford repeating the experiments themselves instead of relying on what "scientists" say (which is why experiment descriptions on this wiki are transparent for repeatability). This page is about doing that. One first advice: do NOT throw away scientific equipment just because you no longer use it. It is better to either barter it for other scientific equipment that you do need, or simply selling it cheaply or donating it to others that need it for their experiments, than to throw it away or just ignore it. Below follows a list of advice for making experiments cheaper. Anyone is free to add more advice to the list.

List of adviceEditEdit

  1. Use microscopes with broken light bulbs
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