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The purpose of this wiki is to provide articles on physics concepts as well as provide everyone from physics graduate students to casual readers with peer-reviewed problems and solutions. Many of these problems are graduate-level, from public problem banks. Public problem banks are often compiled by various university physics departments and include questions that they have given on previous PhD qualifying/prelim exams. The community can submit problems, search for problems, and post or correct solutions to these problems.

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Classical physics

Modern physics

  • Quantum mechanics - describes the behavior of nature at and below the scale of atoms.
  • Particle physics - study of fundamental particles and forces that constitute matter and radiation.
  • Special relativity - the theory relating space and time, which states physical laws and constants are independent of reference frame
  • General relativity - the theory relating spacetime to gravitation

Featured Article

Newton's law of universal gravitation

Gravity is a fundamental interaction which causes mutual attraction between all things that have mass. It is the weakest of the four fundamental interactions, yet one of the most easily observed. It is the most significant interaction between objects at the macroscopic scale, and it determines the motion of planets, stars, galaxies, and even light. Read More