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Prof. L. Kaliambos T.E. Institute of Larissa - Greece. He was born in Skotina of Olympus, 1944. (Kaliambos-Natural Philosophy). 

Lefteris Kaliambos ( Λευτέρης Καλιαμπός ) is a researcher of quantum and nuclear physics. For the progress of fundamental physics please see his paper Experiments reject relativity

Under the influence of the invalid Maxwell's fields, Einstein in his papers of 1905 (photoelectric effect, and special relativity) did not use the gravitational properties of light predicted by Newton and confirmed by Soldner (1801), but the invalid Maxwell's fields without mass (invalid Maxwell's equations). Under this crisis of physics the physicists M. Barone and F. Selleri organized the international conference of 1993. In that conference it was shown that the discovered dipolic photons contribute not only to the increase of the electon energy but also to the increase of the electron mass. That is, in the quantum physics of non conservative forces the absorption of photons led to the discovery of the law of Photon-Matter Interaction according to which the photon mass contributes to the increase of the electron mass under a length contraction and a time dilation. (Discovery of length contraction). Whereas in the Newtonian Mechanics of conservative forces (without absorptions or emissions of light) the inertial mass of a moving body remains always constant unded an absolute space and time. (Newton and Galileo reject Einstein).

Crisis of fields and relativity (1993) by reviving the forces of laws

Writing in Google scholar "Kaliambos" one can see

a) His paper  Impact of Maxwell's Equation of Displacement current on Electromagnetic laws and Comparison of the Maxwellian waves with our model of Dipolic Particles presented in 1993 at the International conference, " Frontiers of fundamental physics" (Impact of Maxwell's....SpringerLink) In that paper he invalidates Maxwell's fields and Einstein's relativity. Einstein in his wrong relativity starts with the Maxwell false idea that a magnet moving relative to a conductor produces electric field, while Faraday in his induction law presented a magnetic resultant according to the principle of relativity deduced from Newtons laws. That is, Einstein introduced his invalid relativity starting with the violation of the principle of relativity in the induction law. (See on page 421 the

experimental evidence of Einstein's wrong ideas ). Note that his special relativity violates also the two conservation laws of energy and mass, while his introduction of the "Equivalence principle" based on Newton's first law of constant inertial mass rejects his rest and relativistic mass moving with respect to a moving observer.

b) His paper "Nuclear structure is governed by the fundamental laws of electromagnetism" presented at the 12th symposium of the Hellenic nuclear physics society and published in Ind. J. Th. Phys. in 2003. In that paper he revealed extra charged quarks in nucleons among 288 quarks. Surprisingly the 9 extra charged quarks in protons and 12 ones in neutrons interact electromagnetically for giving the nuclear binding and the nuclear structure which invalidates Einstein's relativity and the theories of Standard model.

(See the published paper of 2003 in the " FORCE AND STRUCTURE OF NUCLEUS " with a large number of figures and difficult integral equations, which revealed the structure of nuclei).

In 2006 he discovered the two-electron coupling of opposite spin which is due to a stronger magnetic attraction than the electric repulsion, because the discovery of the electron spin (1925) which invalidates Einstein's relativity, showed that the peripheral velocity of spinning electrons is greater than the speed of light. The new paper by L. Kaliambos " Spin-spin interactions of electrons and also of nucleons create atomic molecular and nuclear structures " was presented in 2006 at the 16th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society and published in Ind. J. Th. Phys. in 2008. Note that the wrong relativity led to the crisis of atomic and molecular physics solved by reviving the natural laws. For example the ground state energy of the helium atom is due to a vibration energy of the two-electron coupling based on the peripheral velocity u>>c revealed in the discovery of the electron spin by Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit in 1925. Moreover in his paper NEW REVOLUTION IN PHYSICS he revealed that experiments of atomic and nuclear physics invalidate dramatically both Einstein's relativity and the Standard Model.

Note that Einstein could not distinguish between the well-established laws and the "Frontiers of Physics", because Einstein was deeply influenced by wrong fields and philosophical speculations. Thus Einstein disliking the fundamental Newtonian Mechanics calling it as "Old Physics" developed contradicting relativity theories. For example Einstein's "Principle of equivalence" F/α = m (constant inertial mass) invalidates the special relativity according to which Newton's constant mass = F/α becomes an invalid relativistic one. Also the acceleration of photons due to gravity invalidates the second postulation of his special relativity. Under simple applications of electromagnetism and Newton's laws on photons L. Kaliambos discovered the length contraction and the time dilation during the electromagnetic and gravitational interactions of photons with matter.(See his PHOTON-MATTER INTERACTION).

Under this situation Kaliambos revealed that Newton's laws invalidate Einstein's relativity. Moreover the Bohr model and the Schrodinger equations based on the well-established laws led to the enormous success of the atomic physics which rejects Einstein's relativity. He found also that the experiments and the discovered laws of great physicists like Galileo, Coulomb, Ambere, Michelson, and Thomson reject Einstein's ideas. Especially L. Kaliambos discovered that under Newton's first law the acceleration of photons occurs when the gravity is perpendicular to the velocity c. In this case the photon mass m behaves like the constant inertial mass of a particle. F = m(du/dt). Whereas when the gravity is parallel to c according to Newton's second law the gravitational force F is not equal to the rate of change of velocity but to the rate of change of mass. F = c(dm/dt), because c is constant. This situation invalidates Einstein's "principle of equivalence". On the other hand despite the enormous success of the time-independent Schrodinger equations in three dimensions (1926), Einstein in his book "The evolution of physics" (1938) suggested six dimensions. Since energy cannot turn into mass and for the progress of science Einstein's wrong fields or strange properties of vacuum and fallacious rest energy, relativistic mass, etc., should be demolished never to reappear in scientific circles.

L. Kaliambos is also a poet writing poems in Homer's meter about the Greek philosophy and mythology. In June of 2011 he presented at the 22nd World Congress of Poets a scientific paper for Homer's meter in English and for that work the UNITED POETS LAUREATE INTERNATIONAL awarded to him a Certificate of Merit for excellence in poetry. (See in Google "Homer's meter in English by L. Kaliambos ". See also the 7th photograph of the "United Poets Laureate International - 22nd World Congress of Poets Participants ". The participants in the wooded erea of the Vale of Tempe heard a poem of Apollo and the Muses in Homer's meter by L.Kaliambos. Moreover in [1] he speeks about the Olympian gods in Homer's meter at the Enipeas river canyon of Olympus. ).

In his researches about photons, relativity, atoms, electrons, molecules, quarks, nucleons and nuclei, Lefteris Kaliambos is best known, because his ideas revolutionized modern scientific thought. Like the scientific methods of Galileo and Newton he expresses with full clarity the modern attitude to physical science, that its task is to discover the laws, which the natural phenomena revealed by detailed experiments, or to revive the known basic laws under more experiments, and not to discuss the ultimate nature of things in a philosophical manner including axiomatic principles, like Maxwell's electromagnetic theory, Einstein's relativity, Yukawa's meson theory, Glashow's electroweak theory, the theory of quantum chromodynamics of Gell-Mann, the Standard Model, or other several nuclear models. Making a serious criticism about the development of physics during the two last centuries he distinguished three great problems connected with the crisis of modern physics. He emphasizes that despite the correct principle of relativity deduced from Newton's laws, Maxwell's fields, Einstein's relativity, the standard model, and nuclear theories were invalidated by experiments. Whereas Newton's action at a distance and newton's particles of light were confirmed by the Cavendish experiment (1798) and by the work of Soldner, who concluded in 1801 the effect of gravity on Newton's particles of light.

For the great dilemma between Maxwell's self propagating fields (1865) and Einstein's massless quanta of fields (1905) he found that the self propagating fields are fallacious waves, because Maxwell used wrong assumptions to fit the correct formula E/B = c which was the result of Faraday's effect (1845) and of Weber's experiments (1856). Whereas the photons of Lewis (1926) based on the compton effect show that light consists of particles having momentum p = hν/c. Since m = p/c one concludes that the photons of lawis have mass while Einstein's quanta of fields are massless particles. Under this condition Einstein explained incorrectly the photoelectric effect which led to his invalid relativity, because the electron after the absorption of photons increases not only his energy ΔΕ but also itd mass in accordance with the Kaufmann experiment (1902). Note that the experiment confirmed also that photons have variable mass of opposite charges. Thus L. Kaliambos based on the Newtonian particles of light (1704) confirmed by J. von Soldner in 1801, and on the photons of Lewis recognized that photons have a variable mass of opposite charges when the velocity c is parallel to gravity (gravitational red shift). In case in which c is perpendicular to gravity (bending of light near the sun) the photon has a constant inertial mass and accelerates along the direction of gravity like all particles which accelerate having always constant inertial mass discovered by Newton. Only under a non mechanical energy the electron increases its mass. Einstein invalid relativity believed that an electron also in gravity increases its mass. So he pointed a out incorrectly that he modified the well-established laws of Newton. In fact Kaliambos showd that the invalid relativity is deduced from Newton's laws. That is Newton rejects Einstein's ideas and this situation cannot be accepted by elderly professors of academic establishments who published many papers based on the invalid relativity. Then Kaliambos using the geometry of forces acting at a distance discovered the unification of forces which invalidates Faraday's fields and modifies Einstein's massless quanta of fields.. So he showed that the photons of Lewis behave like spinning dipoles. Then after the application of the electromagnetic laws on moving dipoles in 1993 he developed the model of dipolic particles or dipolic photons. Especially they are spinning electric dipoles producing local time-varying fields E/B = c, at the speed c of light. Such mathematical fields, which represent a kind of unit forces acting at a distance, led to the conclusion that the opposite charges of photons interact electromagnetically with charged particles to give the famous equation of Einstein. Also the variable mass of his dipolic photons interacts with gravitational forces und leads to the same equation of Einstein . Under this condition he diccovered the unification of gravity and electromagnetism, which invalidates both special and general relativity.

On the other hand the so-called weak and strong interactions with strange force carriers are fallacious forces because they are due to the electromagnetic forces acting at a distance.. However his antagonism toward traditional physics placed him in sharp conflict with the older professors of academic establishments. Nevertheless at the international conference FRONTIERS OF FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS (Olympia,1993) his model of dipolic particles was accepted, though he was considered "heretical" because he disagreed with the validity of Maxwell's fields and Einstein's relativity.

Another contribution in modern physics is connected with his detailed researches in the so-called relativistic dynamics, where he found that Einstein was wrong in the hypothesis that the increase of the mass of a moving particle is due to the relative motion of it with respect to a randomly moving observer. In fact, the increase of mass is not a kinematic but a dynamical situation, due to his discovery of PHOTON-MATTER INTERACTION , according to which a dipolic photon gives off its energy and its mass to a particle. As a result, Einstein's "Rest energy", "Rest mass", "Relativistic mass", "Mass-energy equivalence", Mass-energy conservation, etc. are incorrect.

It is of interest to note that in the Bohr model the mass of the moving electron is less than the mass of the same electron at rest. For example using in the Bohr model the system electron-proton for the formation of the hydrogen atom, he observed that the Bohr model invalidates Einstein's relativity, because the mass of the moving electron is less than the mass of the same electron at rest. This is the well-known mass defect, since the electron gives off a very small part of its mass for generating a photon. It is well-known that an electron has a mass of 511000 eV, while the moving electron in the hydrogen orbit has a mass with a mass defect of 13.6 eV. Note that Einstein predicts incorrectly an increase of mass of electrons moving relative to nuclei. It is of interest to note that for developing his model of dipolic photons which led to the "Photon-Matter transformation" Lefteris Kaliambos applied carefully the fundamental laws of electromagnetism taking into account Newton's book ( Optics,1704) in which Newton wrote: My design in this book is not to explain the properties of light by Hypotheses but to propose and prove them by Reason and Experiment.

Studying also carefully the Greek philosophy he found that the "Photon-Matter Interaction" confirms the Apeiron and the Arche of Anaximander (conservation law of mass) and the Logos of Heraclitus, . (conservation law of energy), while Einstein's relativity violates the two conservation laws. ( See in Google his article NEW REVOLUTION IN PHYSICS ).

Furthermore L. Kaliambos found that the special relativity did much to retard the progress of physics about the structure of many-electron atoms, molecules, quarks, nucleons, and nuclei. Especially he found that the spin of a particle cannot be affected by the "Photon - Matter Transformation". Note that when the discovery of spin by Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit showed peripheral velocities u >>c, their discovery met much opposition from many physicists including Pauli who said: " I strongly doubted the correctness of this idea (spin) because of its classical mechanical character".These ideas led to wrong theories, while we discovered that the energies of the two-electron orbitals in atoms and molecules are explained by applying the known electromagnetic laws on spinning electrons of opposite spin. In this situation the peripheral velocity (u>>c) gives magnetic attraction stronger than the electric repulsion. With the same way the spinning quarks give the structure of nucleons. He also showed that the neutrinos or antineutrinos have mass of opposite charges. Studying many experiments he revealed that the simple antineutrino has a negative magnetic moment with negative charge along the periphery and positive one in the center, like the neutron, while the simple neutrino has positive magnetic moment. So neutrinos and antineutrinos interact electromagnetically with quarks (like the photon-matter interaction) invalidating the electroweak theory of Glashow (1968).( See in Google " Quarks neutrinos nucleons and nuclei ").

The greatest contribution of L. Kaliambos was a revolutionary work in nuclear and quark physics, because all nuclear theories discuss the nuclear and quark nature in a philosophical manner including only axiomatic principles (without using laws).

 Here he presents the typical structure of Helium, Beryllium, Oxygen, and Lead (Pb). For example in very stable helium (a rectangle of α particle) the pp repulsion along the diagonal x is not very strong because the spins of two protons ar antiparallel exerting attractive magnetic force less than the electric repulsion. However two α particles cannot form the Beryllium because the pp repulsions allong the diagonals of the squares have parallel spin with magnetic and electric repulsive forces. On the other hand in the stable Lead the short-ranged pn bonds of the extra neutrons overcome the long-ranged electric pp repulsions.

This crisis of nuclear physics was due to the assumed uncharged neutron, which led to the abandonment of natural laws in favour of qualitative approaches based on wrong assumptions. In the absence of new laws L. Kaliambos should reveal the charge distributions in nucleons and surprisingly solved the problem after a detailed analysis of the magnetic moments of nucleons which really revealed considerable charge distributions in nucleons able to interact electromagnetically to give the nuclear binding and structure.

Therefore in 2002 after 10 years of intense effort for revealing the nuclear force he revived the abandoned natural laws for describing the electromagnetic interactions of the charge distributions in nucleons. Under this condition he


taught himself modern calculus with solutions in computers and succeeded in formulating a large number of integral equations, which give the binding and the structure of nuclei. Also in a detailed study of the structure of nucleons he discovered 288 quarks in nucleons with extra charged quarks, which are responsible for the nuclear binding. Then reviving the natural laws of Coulomb and Ampere he discovered the binding and the structure of nuclei. That is, he solved the nuclear crisis including several wrong nuclear theories like the quantum chromodynamics and the models of the nuclear structure which could not lead to any nuclear structure. Here he presents the applications of electromagnetic laws which reveal the nuclear structure under a large number of integral equations. (12th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society at N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS" May 2002).

'In his papers Kaliambos also showed dramaticall the false gravitons of the Standard Model, the fallacious gluons and color charges of the Quantum Chromodynamics, the fallacious Higgs field (a medium like the wrong Aristotelian ether) including wrong tachyons whose the existence violates the unified natural laws. Also in his paper "OUR EARLY UNIVERSE ' " he showed that our observable universe, started off with a long-ranged primordial gravity on neutral quark triads with short-ranged electric repulsions as a part of an eternal universe characterized by the conservation laws of mass and energy. It was governed not by the math of wrong theories but by the well-established laws of Newton and electromagnetism. Moreover, he revealed the proper interactions and reactions for the consequent evolution of universe, by reviving the natural laws, while the abandonment of laws led to wrong fields, to false relativity, and to the fallacious Standard Model, wich give a confusing evolution.Since the energy cannot turn into mass, in fact, during the first 0.1 sec after the Big Bang the mass of (dud) neutral quark triads was transformed into the mass of neutrons, protons, electrons, antineutrinos, positrons, and photons.

Lefteris Kaliambos was born in 1944 in Skotina  of Olympus near the ancient Leibethra ( the city of nine Muses) where the Muses buried the body of the musician and poet Orpheus of the so-called Orphic mysteries which influenced Pythagoreans and Plato's philosophy. One day his mother Calliope ( named after the Musa Calliope of poetry or the mother of Orpheus) told Lefteris (named for the Greek Liberty during the Axis occupation) that she gave him birth under a tree next to the ruins of Leibethra. When Lefteris was only 5 years old his father Apostolos ( a priest, named after the Twelve Apostles of Jesus) showed him one night the stars by saying that God is the Creator of them. But surprisingly his father received the child’s question “ Who is the Creator of God, then?”.

At the age of 15 he was already interested in physics. On one September day, when he looked at the first snow on the top of Olympus (height 2917 m.) he discovered that the temperature falls by 0.68oC every 100 m height, when


he measured at the same time 20oC at the sea level. Since his early adolescence he played accordion. Moreover at that time he became a member of the local Municipal music Band as a cornet player.

At the age of 17 he related his childhood question to Hesiod’s Theogony and to the early ideas of the Greek pre-Socratic philosophers, Anaximander , Heraclitus , and Democritus confirmed by the experiments of modern physicists. Therefore he explained to his father that according to natural laws matter and energy of Universe cannot be in need of any Creator, because mass and energy exist forever. Under this situation he disagreed with the validity of the so-called relativistic mass of Einstein who introduced the strange hypothesis that the motion of a particle with respect to a randomly moving observer is responsible for the increase of mass. Moreover Lefteris Kaliambos  recognized that the motion could not produce any additional mass, because it should violate the  conservation law of mass, which is eternal in our world. 

In the sixties as a student in the Aristotelian University of Salonica he was teaching Physics and Mathematics at the Greek College of Salonica.

In the seventies, he was teaching environmental education in T. E. Institute of Larissa, and  many articles about the environment were published in Greek journals. At that time he created several paintings, one of which is the following  snowy landscape of Olympus with foggy weather under the Zeus clouds (1974):

In 1987 the Greek T.V. of Athens invited him to be the main narrator of a scientific documentary on the flora and fauna of the mythical Vale of Tempe. That work became the reason for him to present later a poem in Homer’s meter at a Greek poetry conference about the Apollo and Daphne myth, which is strongly connected with the river Peneus crossing the Vale of Tempe.

In 1993 he presented at the international conferene “Frontiers of Fundamental Physics” the model of dipolic particles or dipolic photons which interpret the electromagnetic properties of photons and invalidate Maxwell's fields and Einstein's relativity.

  In Olympia (1993) Prof. Michele Barone ( the Editor of the Frontiers of Fundamental physics) offered to Kaliambos a trophy ( Democritus) for his model of dipolic photons which invalidates Maxwell's fields and Einstein's relativity by the application of natural laws.     

In the year 2000 he presented  the gigantic rocks of the mythical top of Olympus at the WORLD NATIONAL PARK CONVENTION  (Goslar of Germany, Oct.25, 2000 ). That presentation became his sparkle to prepare a large number of poems in Homer’s meter about the Cosmogony and the Olympian Gods published in a Greek poetry journal. He also wrote a poem in Homer's meter for his wife Aphrodite born near ancient Olympia.

His paper “Nuclear structure is governed by the fundamental laws of electromagnetism” was presented at a conference in Greece in 2002 but was accepted with much skepticism. An older physicist (student of Einstein) said that Einstin's ideas will be fundamental for ever. (See his published paper in Ind.J.Th.Phys). Note that only the p-n bonds when they overcome the n-n and p-p repulsions lead to the nuclear structure. Also nucleons behave as small dipolic particles and give nuclear dipolic forces of short range. Whereas the meson theory and the quantum chromodynamics using the hypothetical exchange of virtual particles (without using laws) cannot lead to the nuclear stucture and binding.

In 2003 he showed that the so-called "Olympus magnetic field " is an optical illusion due to the various anomalies in topography of Olympus near the Acropolis of Leibethra which was the city of Muses and of Orphic mysteries. 

In 2006 his new paper “Spin-spin interactions of electrons and also of nucleons create atomic molecular and nuclear structures” was presented at the 16th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society  (2006) . The paper was published in Phys.(2008). Especially he discovered that the opposite spin at a very short separation gives magnetic attractive forces stronger than the repulsive electric forces, because the discovery of the electron spin (1925) showed that the peripheral velocity of the electron spin is greater than the speed of light. So the spinning electrons make a couple with a vibration energy able to interpret the total energies of atoms and molecules. Note that the NCSR “Demokritos” invited him to present in Hellenic Symposiums the new ideas in quantum and nuclear physics, which were published in journals of nuclear physics.

In 2011 he presented his poems in Homer's meter at the 22nd World Congress of Poets not only in Greek but also in English about the Hesiod's cosmogony the Greek mythology and the Greek philosophy. See here a part of them:


In front of the top of Olympus through clouds in 2002

( It expresses a war like the first line of Iliad)

Hesiod’s Titanomachy

Chaos in primitive dark,    created Gaea in Cosmos.

Over blue seas and lands,    big Titans formed by Gaea

ruled all mysterious gods,    and monsters at crags of Olympus.

During the horror-war,    of Titans into the smokes

huge Hecatonchires shot,     big rocks from Olympus to Othrys

damaging castles and forts,  in flashes filled up with thunders.


Cyclops and Gigantomachy

Free Cyclopes then rushed,    from Tartarus into the darkness

brought out thunder and flash,    for helping the gods in the flames

burning all creatures of Earth,    in glory of dominant Zeus.

Fierce then Giants come,    from gales of frightened skies

trying to overturn gods,    but strong flash have punished them harshly.

Now at Delphi of Greeks,    Olympians bright eternal.


(The poems  were written like the first line of Odyssey)

The 3 dominant Olympian Gods of Homer

Glorious feats in the struggles,     promoted gods to the skies.

Zeus became the ruler,     of gods on the rocks of Olympus

lord of the heavens and clouds,       to scare all mortals with thunders.

Pluto then governed the darkness,      of Hades into grim prisons

bringing the souls of mortals,        from colourful life to black hell

under the depths of waters,       and storms in Poseidon’s anger.

Neptune in arms like steel wool,       was shaking trident great

over winds and waves,      for bringing the storms in disaster.

The deluge of Deucalion

During a primitive epoch,     a king sacrificed the people

offering blood to the heavens,      in flames of flesh into smokes

giving an odour to Zeus,      whose anger filled clouds with rain.

Rushing waters in torrents,      became tumultuous rivers

filling up plains and foothills,       and rainfalls turned to a deluge.

All the Pelasgians died,      but only Deukalion lived on.

Sooner Prometheus told him,      for building an ark to survive

only with his wife,     in durable boat in rains

crossing a lot of waters,      that covered all mountains round.

After torrential rains,     poured down for several days

cheerful the fortunate couple,      walked on the summit of Othrys.

Repopulation of Greeks

Calm then Deucalion dug up,     an oracle secret of Themis

how to repopulate,      the land with new human rase.

So they threw back the stones,      that turned into Greeks of a glory

like the heroes of Hellas,      in army of great Achilles

formed by Myrmidons' crowd,     in Trojan war for achievements

whose the big gallantry lived on,      in Homer's the primitive poems.

The Apeiron of Anaximander

Amorphous matter of Chaos,      imortal was in the darkness

covering depths of the skies,      as Apeiron over the heavens

giving the face of Cosmos,       beyond of the primitive ethers.

Apeiron gave the sparkle,     for making opposite games

Cold and hot in the darkness,      created stars of the nights

Light of sun in the seas,     created clouds of rain

Genesis formed all the pleasures,      of colorful life in creatures

however death of a smile,      brought storms and decay forever.

Several laws of seas,      do not stop winds and waves

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